INST21 2 GELATO MAKING POTS. This machine is REVOLUTIONIZING the frozen dessert industry!

Simply pour in your liquid ready mix and push a button. The machine automatically starts to churn the product and within minutes, the product is ready to serve. This machines offers a wide range of possibilities.

Ice cream Gelato Non dairy sorbets, soy, rice, and nut based frozen desserts Scoop soft serve Vegan coconut cream frozen desserts Nut based frozen desserts Frozen cocktails Alcoholic based frozen desserts Acai bowl base Pastry creams Granitas and more! This machine is very versatile.

On casters making it very easy to transport. Simple place it where ever you'd like, plug it in a standard 120 volt outlet and you're ready to produce the freshly frozen desserts right in front of your customers. This is the ultimate solution for catering! Simply add it to the end of a buffet line to create that special, freshly churned dessert option.

This machine can be added to any restaurant, bakery, cafe and more. Front of house showcasing your desserts right in front of your customers or back of house for a simple method of producing frozen desserts with a need for a highly paid gelato chef. Forget the traditional method of making ice cream.

Running product through a pasteurizer, then a batch freezer, onto the blast freezer and finally in the showcase where you have to maintain even temperature throughout the day by rotating your pans. This machine offers an all in one solution along with a unique customer experience. We can conduct a demonstration for you at our showroom in Newport Beach, California. Each of the machines pots is individually controlled by an electronic control panel. This is designed to make operations as easy and automatic as possible without the need for skilled personnel.

This electronic control panel controls different operating modes. The "F" key is used to select the desired operating mode.

"Start/Stop" is used to start or stop the machine for each operating mode. Product can served to the customer directly from the pot, or removed once prepared for storage/cleaning purposes. If serving directly from the pot, open the top lid, serve the product and close the lid immediately. If removing the product to a separate container, stop the machine before proceeding. The machine has been designed so that the operator adds more mixture (top-up) when the product level has reached 50%.

The electronic control panel allows for ease of use. The operator needs to simply select the name of the desired flavor and press Start. Each recipe contains its own preset parameters to ensure the best taste and texture. Control Microprocessor + Inverter e graphic LCD.

Power Supply 120 volt, single phase. Material Cabin Structure AISI 304. Consumption(kwh) 1,20 0,32 3,20.

Welcome to Europa Food Alliance, the one-stop solution for artisan gelato, ice cream and dessert ingredients and equipment. Well-versed in all aspects of the desserts trade sourcing premium ingredients, servicing advanced machinery and technology, crafting exceptional products and developing and implementing successful business concepts Europa Food Alliance is the premier source for all your frozen dessert needs. When it comes to gelato, ice cream and dessert, the final product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. Purity of flavor, marriage of ingredients, richness of consistency and smoothness of texture that is what separates a good product from a great one.

It is also why we pay such careful attention and have established such high standards of quality. We source with care and only offer ingredients we personally use in our kitchen. Acai and Pataya bowl base. (Sorbets, coconut creams, soy creams, and more). All natural and organic ingredients.

Invaluable experience, guidance and product recommendations based on your unique needs initial consultation to help you formulate your private recipe if included. On-site professional installation available with step-by-step instructions for maintenance. On-site professional training available with step-by-step instructional training manuals and videos for employees. Regular maintenance schedule in place. Extended network of resources to help achieve your business goals.

If any item is opened, we do NOT and will NOT accept a return. For will call, please notify us at a minimum 48 hours in advance and wait for confirmation. Will call is by appointment only.

The purchaser-user will have the sole responsibility and bear all expenses of removing and returning the defective part or equipment. Claims not filed within this time frame will be subject to denial without prior approval. To submit a claim you must have a Europa Food Service machine serial number. The item "NEW CONTINUOUS ICE CREAM GELATO CHURNING MACHINE!

Revolutionizing the industry" is in sale since Tuesday, August 09, 2016. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Restaurant & Catering\Bar & Beverage Equipment\Frozen Drink & Slush Machines". The seller is "europafoodalliance" and is located in Newport Beach, California.

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