Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato

Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato
Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato
Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato
Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato

Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato
Used Coldelite Compacta 3001 Gelato/Ice Cream Batch Freezer for Sale. This machines name is Bertha. She is simple to use and has spun some of the best ice cream offered in the Atlanta Area. Bertha been the backbone of our company for the last 2 years and now she needs a new home. Since we have owned this machine she has passed annual inspection, been very reliable and is easy to clean and maintain. Some of the "bells and whistles" such as the sprayer hose are not functioning but all of the components that make ultra premium gelato are in 100% working order. SPACE EFFECTIVENESSCOMPACTA RTX can fit everywhere:In a very little space you can produce in top health conditions all the homemade ice-cream you desire.

REASONABLE INVESTIMENTCOMPACTA RTX is economical:A complete laboratory for ice-cream production, at the price of one machine only. ECONOMICAL OPERATIONCOMPACTA RTX has very low costs in terms of energy and water consumption;The most committing operational costs are remarkably reduced.

GREAT HYGIENECOMPACTA RTX always works in a closed cycleThe produced ice-cream cannot be touched by external agents and is therefore perfectly healthy. BALANCED ICE-CREAMSCOMPACTA RTX mixes and freezes one flavour after anotherIn so doing, you will get balanced ice-creams, with fats equally distributed, and tailored recipes. REGULABLE PRODUCTIONCOMPACTA RTX mixes and freezes in short times;It allows to quickly enhance your production, meeting the growing sale needs.

FLEXIBLE PRODUCTIONCOMPACTA RTX can mix and freeze only one third of the maximum loading of the machine ;It can immediately meet the most diverse production needs, even during low season. ALWAYS FRESH ICE-CREAMCOMPACTA RTX means that your ice-cream will be always fresh.

Every day you can integrate the ice-cream that was left mixing and pasteurizing it, and then freeze it with the newproduction being made in the machine. ERGONOMICSCOMPACTA RTX is not physically tiring to operate;The loading hopper is at hands reach, in the front of the machine; the exit hole is at medium height.

EASY CLEANINGCOMPACTA RTX is easy to be cleanedDoors, agitators, taps and covers can be accessed from the front of the machine, therefore they can be easily cleanedand inspected. COLDELITE has developed a new philosophy in the design and production of equipment for ice-cream laboratory; its COMPACTARTX machine is the ultimate development of the previous model, actually the evolution of a great success in the homemade icecreamsector. COMPACTA RTX features a two-in-one structure: in the upper part the horizontal cylinder mixes ingredients in the lower part the second horizontal cylinder makes ice-cream. Therefore it is a all-in-one equipment, resuming the whole productionprocess of homemade ice-cream: the MIXER, to mix together the raw ingredients the PASTEURIZER, to achieve top hygiene of the mix. The FREEZER, to produce ice-creams, sorbetto and fruit creams. MIX PRODUCTIONPour the ingredients needed for the mix in the upper cylinder;they can be mixed at a cold temperature, to obtainsuperb sorbetto, or pasteurised and mixed at a high temperature, to produce great homemade ice-cream. HORIZONTAL MIXERThis piece is in stainless steel and features an outstandingspeed of rotation, to disrupt all the dry ingredients in the mix;horizontal building grants top results even when little mix isinside the machine. PASTEURIZERThe control panel is designed to be user-friendly; once theheating button is pushed, the heating cycle starts until reaching85C°, the temperature can be changed as an option. Avisual and acoustic signal automatically switches on as thetemperature has been reached. DIRECT DROPThe mix is now ready to be transferred to the freezing cylinder, through the external tap, where it is quickly cooled andtransformed into ice-cream. The stainless steel tap is easy todisassemble and clean. FREEZERThe control panel is designed to be user-friendly; once thebutton representing a cone is pushed, the production batchis started with the brilliant support of a dynamic systemsuch as H.

A visual and acoustic signal automaticallyswitches on as the temperature has been reached. AGITATORWithout a central shaft and equipped with wide blades, it isdesigned to energically freeze the mix and to favour a quickand complete extraction of ice-cream. It is also equipped withself-regulating side scrapers to maximize the cleaning ofthe cylinder and performances when chilling. CONTINUOUS PRODUCTIONSince the cycles in the two cylinders are simultaneous andsynchronized, while ice-cream is being made below, a newpasteurization cycle is performed in the upper part; themachine can thus operate without any interruption, to produceall the ice-cream you can imagine.

ICE-CREAM EXTRACTIONIn the event that a cycle ends and the operator is not in theposition to extract the ice-cream immediately, the ice-creamis held inside the machine at the right consistency; then theextraction is complete and quick, thanks to high speed rotationof the blades and to the large opening of the exit door. PASTEURIZER DOORIt is built in stainless steel and covered byinsulating material to avoid dispersions. Italso features a large loading hopper to easilypour the mix in. FREEZER DOORIt is built in stainless steel, with rounded edgesfor safe and secure operation. It is equippedwith loading hopper protected by securitygrill and a larger exit hole, for an improvedextraction and lesser mechanic stress for theice-cream.

GELATO EXCELLENTBy this program it is possible to obtain greatice-cream, with perfect structure and softness, capable to stand the test of display forlong times. This program allows you to producegreat ice-cream even using low-fat mixesand low quantities.

The speedprogram is particularly helpful in peak days ofthe season, aiming to maximize the productioncapacity of the machine. FRUIT CREAMThe CREMOLATA program alternates freezingprocess and pauses, to homogeneouslycrystallise this delicious fruit cream. PERSONALISED HODWhatever the program chosen, either Excellentor Speed, final consistency of ice-creamcan be modified at any time using the frontkeys during the freezing process.

WithCREMOLATA cycle, it is possible to changethe production time according to the desireddensity. POST CHILLINGThis comes in best use in the models with higherproduction capacity, in order to reactivate thefreezing motor during extraction, to keep theconsistency of the last part of ice-cream exitingthe machine completely steady.

It deactivatesautomatically as there is lesser and lesser icecreamleft to extract. MATIt is in hard rubber and designed to keep positionedthe 36x16 ice-cream container, the bigger36x25 ones and the storage cylinders. In thisway, the operator can move one hand freelyand enrich the ice-cream as it comes out withsyrups or other ingredients.

RTXThe new technology featured by COMPACTA RTX allows you to transmit and receive operational data on the machinesprocesses. The machines is provided with a serial port to which an Official Assistance Technician cal plug its laptop, to unload a widerange of relevant data and therefore know the main production events, operational standards and if any- malfunctions. Moreover, thanks to a modem, this machine can transmit its data to the Official Customer Service, and receive diagnosis and help. Finally, thanks to the EASY DLOADER system (optional), the ice-cream maker can display on his computer the productiondata.

He can download and print the operations already carried out Excellent, Cremolata, etc. , with the date and the kgproduced for each process. The item "Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato" is in sale since Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

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Coldelite Compacta 3001 Batch Freezer for Ice Cream & Gelato

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